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(none) - Scripting: Fixed Marshal. StructureToPtr when a field type was a multidimensional array of blittable types. Graphics: When using custom shadow resolution on a light, this resolution won't be clamped as usual, allowing to reach up to 8k shadowmap if needed. IOS: Added an Marketing icon kind for iOS and a slot for a 1024x1024 App Store icon. Tizen: Load the first scene during displaying Splash screen.

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D: Correctly use Sprite Atlas packed offset when calculating UVs for OverrideGeometry. D: Expose sRGB (gamma color space) option and packing padding option to Sprite Atlas inspector. AI: UpdateNavMeshData will process non read/write meshes in editor when not in playmode. Load no longer stalls LoadScene and LoadSceneAsync. Animation: Fix for events not being fired during CrossFade at 0F. Build pipeline: Fixed a regression where the working directory of a Standalone build would default to the Assets folder, which is not allowed.

Editor: Fixed Callback registration failed kMaxCallback crash when entering playmode.

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Editor: Fixed crash when building splash with a protrait background but no landscape background was assigned. Editor: Fixed ""TLS Allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD, underlying allocator ALLOC_TEMP_THREAD had unfreed allocations" while calling PluginImporter. Editor: Plugins will be correctly excluded from player build, when using combination Any Platform = true with specific platforms excluded. Editor: Fixed an issue where Launcher did not allow user to login and do re-activate when license was invalid. GI: Fixed a case of object lighting preview being empty for meshes with no normals. GI: Fixed an issue where creating a new scene in project window affected the lighting settings of other scenes.

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GI: Fixed shadowmask in Forward rendering when multiple directional lights are used. Graphics: Improved motion vectors precision when dynamic batching is disabled.

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Graphics: Fixed TrailRenderer not recording the first position when instantiated using a position and rotation value. Graphics: Fixed the case of Light Cookie rendering differently in Forward and Deferred mode. Graphics: Fixed TrailRenderer not recording the first position when instantiated using a position and rotation value.

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Graphics: Fixed a rare crash when dynamic batching was enabled. (none) - Graphics: Made ImageEffects always use the right source buffer, and blit to the final destination if necessary. IOS: Cardboard Enable Transition View fix added. Multiplayer: Properly traversing inheritance chain. Particles: Fixed an upgrade issue where prefab instance shape module values could get corrupted.

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Resource Management: Optimized the loading of assets performed via Resources. This addresses a performance regression reported in Android platforms. Timeline: Fix for ExecutionEngineException being thrown at runtime when using Timeline on iOS.

Timeline: Fixed Activation and Control Tracks when application was Paused. Timeline: Fix for time ruler being inaccessible after relaunching Unity. Timeline: Fix for timeline clips not properly being set as dirty. Timeline: Fix preview mode not always working for humanoid root transforms and custom clips. UnityWebRequest: Allow comments in header values except when known to be unsupported.

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WebGL: Fixed file:// protocol warning on browsers that do not allow it. WebGL: Fixed server compression configuration warning. WebGL: Fixed Fullscreen mode on Safari. WebGL: Fixed back-buffer anti-aliasing on WebGL1. XR: Fixed volume buttons not adjusting sound for Google Cardboard applications after they had launched.

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У вас в заголовке-названии новости >>> Unity 3D Professional 2017. Ссылки для скачиваеия Unity Professional 5. Где какая версия и какая программа.? Не может быть одно название программы для совершенно разных, не похожих версий.

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Вы определитесь уже, что и какой версии вы выкладываете! Если косячите, то уж оперативно исправляйте. И как всегда, не вводите людей в заблуждение/ Разгадывать ваши шарады, времени нет совсем и да и не особо хочется. Android: Enabled NEON in Umbra. Animation: Optimized evaluation of complex blend trees, and blend trees with empty child nodes.

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Graphics: Added R8 and RG16 Texture formats, and RGBAUShort and RG16 Render Texture formats. Improved Outline Editor module performance in Sprite Editor Window. IOS: Added support for the 5th generation iPad. Networking: Added a timeout property to UnityWebRequest. This gives coarse grain control over timeouts for webrequests. Physics 2D: SpriteRenderer's Sprite Tiling behavior changed when width/height is negative value. UI: CanvasRenderer:OnTransformChanged will not be called when object is inactive. Video: Skip-ahead functionality improvements.

GI: Added support for LOD baking in Progressive Lightmapper. Light Probes are not necessary anymore when baking LODs using Progressive Lightmapper.


GI: Support for double sided materials in Progressive Lightmapper. Added a new material setting that causes lighting to interact with backfaces. When enabled, both sides of the geometry get accounted for when calculating Global Illumination.

Backfaces do not count as invalid when seen from other objects. Backface rendering is not controlled by this setting nor will backfaces be represented in the lightmaps.


Backfaces bounce light using the same emission and albedo as frontfaces. D: Added Sprite changes in play mode when using [TIGHT] texture packing and high quality compression. D: Changed warning message "MaterialPropertyBlock is used to modify these values" to info message. D: Fixed an issue where SpriteUtility. GetSpriteUvs returned invalid Uvs. D: Fixed an issue whereby blue line briefly flickers when moving mouse in Sprite Editor "Edit Outline" mode in OSX Metal. D: Fixed an issue whereby Sprite packer caused Out of memory error.

AI: Added missing API for minimum region area when building a NavMesh using the runtime API.

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AI: Fixed a crash happening when Warp is called many times for a NavMeshAgent. AI: Fixed a regression where a NavMeshAgent with 'autoTraverseOffMeshLink' set to false would not move freely. AI: Fixed an internal limitation of slope maximum of 60 degrees when building a NavMesh using the runtime API. AI: Fixed an issue where carving obstacles could create wrongly shaped holes on NavMesh instances of arbitrary rotation. AI: Fixed missing support for triangulating NavMesh instances with arbitrary rotation. Android: Buildpipe - Fixed slow loading with OBB by processing streaming assets in obbassets.

Android: Changed threshold to recognize big cores of ARM big. Android: Dropped obscured touch events to prevent tapjacking. Android: Fixed a regression where Banner Ads are invisible, but still clickable. Android: Fixed an out of memory crash when using a static splash screen. Android: Fixed assertion failures of GLES calls without valid context on debug and development builds. Android: Fixed pause/resume issues when loading with static splash image.

Android: Fixed the build process when using Gradle so that checks for signed applications are performed at the beginning of the build process, instead of at the end. Android: Make SoftInput not take fullscreen on landscape orientation. Animation: Fixed a crash when loading an asset bundle with an override animator controller.

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Animation: Fixed an issue where using an override controller multiple times would not animate correctly. Animation: Fixed animating Material Vector4 properties when in linear color space. Animation: Fixed animation root motion layering. Animation: Fixed DeoptimizeTransformHierarchy crashing when a GameObject with a SkinnedMeshRenderer was attached to an exposed bone. Animation: Fixed incorrect animated color values when in linear color space.

Animation: Improved build and AssetBundle data determinism for Human components. Build Pipeline: Fixed a crash when building a project containing materials with missing shaders. Build Pipeline: Fixed AssetBundle statistics that are printed to the editor log when building AssetBundles. Build Pipeline: Fixed issue with Scene AssetBundles that would cause multiple builds with the same Scene to generate different results.