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A majority of companies on RBI's second list of loan defaulters, including Monnet Power and Visa Steel, will be referred to NCLT for bankruptcy proceedings. More advanced programs often use a dictionary on. NTLM rainbow tables speed up cracking of password hashes from Windows Vista and Windows 7 operating system.


It used to work with the sims freeplay, i got myself 62million cash and credits. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, Ace Attorney: Phoenix Wright Trilogy HD, Family Feud 2, Soccer Showdown 2015, Slam Dunk Basketball 2 all compatible. We need hacker for some gemes like nida alharb 2 & clash of clan. Its doesn’t work on any of my favorite games. Mobbles, Asphalht 8, Nitro, Rail rush, Fairway HD, Zombiewood, Royal Revolt! Also didn’t work on Supermarket Management 2 (to buy the full version). I use iPad 3 with iOS 9. Worked on Tiny Tropers, subway surfers, Youda survivor, Le vamp, hungry shark, bellyfish, surgeon 3, The island castaway, creeps hd, and almost all Dash collection (dinner dash, garden dash, hotel dash, wed dash, and so on).

Everytime I want to buy somthing, it pops up “Payment is not successful” Any help?

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I keep getting this stupid error all along! Any that work for multi player games like mmos and crap that i can max out and stomp on them like bugs! Any one know if there are any games that work with this that are like clash o clans i whant to max out stuff and just stomp on every one! Dragonvale crashes on me when I try to purchase anything on dragonvale. The version of dragonvale that I have installed is 2. If you know any more new games, let me know. It crashes on me when I try to purchase anything on dragonvale. The version of dragonvale that I have installed is 2.

It asks for your iTunes password? BUT, if it asks something like, “Confirm purchase? Then you know it doesn’t work. Actually, if you hit “cancel” when the confirm purchas pops up, it should give you the gems/coins that you were attempting to crack. So that actually mean it’s working properly. Hmm, i don’t think it works for me, got iPad 3, 5. IOS, installed it from insanely, version 0. Tried dling logo quiz and it prompts me for password. Is there anything else i need to do? All i did was just install the insanely version.

I see there is a deb file download for step 2? At least the iapp cracker from insanely repo does. There is an untethered jailbreak for 5. For all devices through absinthe. The iapp cracker works with that one as well. (note if you have just installed iapp cracker try rebooting you iPod as I’ve seen sum ppl have issues that was easy corrected by that. Hey, does anyone know if it works to get the “Pro Player Pack” in app purchase for “Doodle army 2: Mini Militia” for free with iAP?

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Works with Air Penguin, Temple Run and Smurf’s Village for me, but after I downloaded it, my sound did not work. Is there any way that I can fix that without having to restore my iPad? What is the difference between this app, “IAP Patcher” and “IAP Free”? Also doesnt seem to work with call of mini double shot, is it working with anyone else? I downloaded both iap cracker and iap free could that be a problem? Install the iap cracker via cydia.

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Then you can download many of AppStore apps. What it does is cracking the app. Simply, doesn’t ask for iTunes password. Guys, just get IAP Free and AP Patcher from Cydia. You need a jailbroken device. Then just open up IAP Free on the menu of your device, activate it (it’s in Japanese, just turn the things you see on), and AP Patcher is automatic. Enjoy some free in-app purchases!

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And yes, Asphalt 7 wouldn’t let you of course. They’ve learned the error of their ways. EA has a lot of games with in-app purchases that are phenomenal. Too bad the cracker doesn’t work for EA games though.

Does it work on iOS iOS 10, iOS 10, 9? Doesn’t not work on China Wireless Arts Avenger and Men In Black 3.

Work on Jetpack joyride, 101 games and The temple run. It says “processing” when I attempt to get content from Where’s My Water and stays stuck that way. Also, Surviving High School says that there is either a network error or user cancellation and will not work. It working with Dragonvale, Angry Birds (All versions), even Zombie Farm 2! Please see if you can try to get it to work for Monster G! Can someone check if it works with derby manager. And check if it works with party in my dorm. Yes it definitely works with walking dead. It may freeze with a loading icon but wait 5min and force close the app and reopen and it will have purchased the episodes.

Let me see if I got this right: if I go to app store, “buy” an item and it asks for Apple ID and pass, that’s ok, but not if it asks to confirm purchase, correct? What about when I try to update an item and I get the message that “the item is being updated, please try again later.

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What does that mean? Don’t know if it’s possible but would be great if support for Sentinel 3 could be added, to unlock the 2nd campaign for example. I think there should be an thing for “Hay Day” I know its not important but a lot of people play it and i think it’d be just great!

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Clash of Clans has no hacks available and people have been working hard at it. There was one small glitch but it’s been patched. Iap cracker or iap free will never work with clash of clans I guarantee.

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Most online games require an online purchase in which you buy something it has to connect to a server. Please make a cash shop hack for ragnarok online the rebellion of valkyrie. Ot would be awesome to hack the zeny and ruby. Try hacking gravity games. Download and test from xda forum and search for ragnarok. It only available in korean app store.


So download from xda for English version. Mine does the exact same thing and i have been searching all over to figure it out but with no luck at all. I even reinstalled, deleted it and installed once again with know luck. If anyone can help us out that would be amazing. I just jailbroke today and first think I tried out was iAp Patcher on Dragonvale, the moment I click on a package to buy it looks like it’s about to add it but then crashes and the game closes. I wish this works with Simpsons Tapped Out. Really want a donut and money hack.

You can start by re-jailbreaking and then download app after you get IAP cracker. Hi I’m gonna teach u about about iap cracker. It is free to purchase which purchase is completed which is working like mini pets its from inc or gems then just type that one it can work for you too I tried thank u! I need some help, unfortunately i erase my Smurfs´village 1.

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In order to get the new one update but when i want to get free smurfsberries the ipod starts to tink and anything happens, i keep having my lv 6 5 smurfberries, can anyone help me! Works absolutely perfectly for SAS: Zombie Assault 3 on IOS.

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Add that to the list? Great game, should be more well-known. Infinite game cash, guns, skill unlocks etc. Guys I have iPod Touch jailbroken, I installed iap cracker and tried a few of top apps, however, app is crashing again and again. Can you fix the issue? Have you any compatible app list? If you have jailbroken iPod Touch, then you can use other alternatives to iAP-cracker that I have mentioned in the article. It may be possible that you are trying any app that not works with iap, so try LocaliAPstore or iAPfree instead of this.

If above listed stuff works with iAP, then other in-app tools will also work with the same.

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Does it work on iPhone 5 without jailbreak? I have iPhone 5S that runs on iOS 9. I want a few of best games from Apple app store. I searched a lot for the iOS 10 iAP cracker, but no support. I also searching for the same but for different device. I have iPad 4 runs on iOS 9, I haven’t upgraded it yet. Is there any in app cracker list for iPad?

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There is a list of those cracker mentioned in the post, however, all the cracker has their own limitations. Furthermore, they will not work in iOS 9, 8. But, why are you looking for such apps for iOS 9, as 8 is neither released nor announced yet. You should look a list for iOS 9.