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What has been patched? A Sins of a Solar mod that introduces the Rebel Alliance and Empire factions into the vanilla game with dozens of ships and hundreds of graphics and audio additions for a full immersion experience! Community areas in Meghalaya have lost more green cover than a reserve forest over the past two decades.

So the release date is as always "When it's done", but I'm optimistic that despite a still challenging RL situation (PhD thesis is submitted, but the defense lies ahead. It's actually "when it's done later this year". We could use some help from you with testing a rather special issue. Requiem is famous for removing the innate health regeneration on player races and for enforcing this rule for sleeping.

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If you sleep without any healing effects in Requiem 1. Your health will not be recovered.

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If, however, you sleep with even a minor healing effect, your health will be fully recovered. I'll just say "blue mountain flower". For the last weeks, we have been busy developing a new approach to healing while sleeping or waiting: Your healing effects will apply during sleep as they would during normal gaming, sleeping will be more effective than waiting, and abusing either will temporarily reduce their efficacy. This will improve your game by encouraging natural behaviors and removing cheats.

This means your blue mountain flowers now have the same effect as they would if you chewed them on the road. If this sounds harsh, remember that healing poultices are easy to make and are excellent remedies for starting characters – and remain useful for veterans as well. Applied before sleep, a healing poultice can restore a lot of health!

Will there be a Requiem for the SE

Of course if you repeat this too often you'll receive a message that you've been "idling too much" and it won't be as effective, but active gaming will eventually restore your sleep to its full potency. This could only be achieved by removing a hardcoded engine "feature". So, a few days ago we contacted Meh321 (author of crash fixes, lip sync fix, bug fixes etc) with the request. Actually we asked Meh321 to also remove another, even more annoying engine "feature" – the so-called "Legendary Skills" absurdity introduced by Bethesda in Skyrim 1.

Meh321 kindly responded to our request with a SKSE plugin that deals with both problems. And here is where we need your help: while we have tested the plugin and we believe it's working perfectly, this is "new waters" for us, and therefore we're asking you to participate in our beta-tests. We cannot guarantee that any savegame with this beta-feature installed will be upgradeable to the 1.

Requiem Alive Patch 246

Please make a hard save before installing this beta feature. We assume that they can be updated later, but we really cannot guarantee it. The included archive contains a patch that introduces the new plugin-based sleep system. You can install it with your mod manager and you should enable it after Requiem for the Indifferent. Reload your game and Requiem will update itself. Legendary Skills: Raise a skill to 100 (eg. Advskill onehanded 10000000) and check that nothing related to the "Legendary skills" feature appears on that tree in the UI.

Effects that improve your regeneration rates (such as healing poultices and potions of regeneration but not normal healing potions or auras) are more potent during sleeping than waiting. After long periods of waiting or sleeping (more than 10 hours in a row), the power of those effects will reduced for sleeping or almost negated for waiting. The maximum duration for this penalty is 4 game hours: if you keep playing normally for this duration, your next sleep will not be penalized.

Any other healing effect is not affected and applies in the same manner it would during normal gaming. For example when you are seriously wounded, quaff a cheap healing potion and then sleep immediately: your health should be restored by the same amount as if you hadn't slept at all. Stability: We are also very interested about reports on the stability of this beta version. If you experience CTDs (or more than before if your Skyrim was already modded to the limit and somewhat unstable) after installing this beta, we definitely want to hear about it.

We would therefore appreciate it if some users could give this version a more extensive test and use it at least for a few hours. If you have any more questions about this feature or the testing instructions, please feel free to ask us. As most of you probably know already, the "Special Edition" (SE) of Skyrim has been released recently. Since the number of posts with titles like "Please port Requiem to the SE! " and "Will there be a Requiem version for the SE? " has increased considerably in the last few days, we've decided to answer your most important questions here.

Will there be a Requiem for the SE? It's currently impossible to port Requiem to the Skyrim Special Edition because Requiem requires the Skyrim Script Extender. Resolutions for the current issue of non-official ESM files disobeying plugins. Fixes for reports at the Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch. It seems that a good number of forms are behaving differently compared to classic Skyrim. Once all our dependencies are available for the SE, we'll look into portability and then make a decision on if and when we will port Requiem. In any case we will finish our work on Requiem 1.

And what about my Xbox or Playstation? It seems unlikely that there will be a Script Extender for either console. Most of Requiem's features rely on the Skyrim Script Extender. We don't want to remove or water down those features, as then it wouldn't be Requiem any more.

A new versioning scheme which tells you whether the next version will need a new game

We would also have problems developing and bug-hunting on consoles, since nobody on the team has one or wants to have one. And of course, we'd need to solve the problem of generating the SkyProc patch. So, what should I be expecting from Requiem 1. As you already know from our, the next version will contain many features from Minor Arcana and also new custom meshes and textures for the crossbow bolts. Will have a lot more to offer! A completely reworked arrow resistance system: different armor parts provide different degrees of protection, different materials offer different levels of protection and the Gruesome Shot perks become more important.

A lore-friendly implementation of Skooma unmatched by any other mod. An overhaul to foods and alcohol that should provide you with a great alternative if you don't like hunger mods.

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A new approach to sleep & healing that rewards natural sleeping patterns and elevates the importance of healing poultices. An upgrade to the Search power which now also allows you to examine your nearby horse or NPCs to check their health.

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And more features to be revealed later. Behind the scenes we're busy discussing what tweaks need to happen now and what things will become features of Requiem 2. We might actually get around to writing something for it some day! In the meantime we're laughing at your attempts to upset our fan base and our dev team, enjoying your videos, helping more and more people install the mod, and. Meh321, the author of the well known Crash fixes, has released a new mod named, which solves the bug detailed in this blog post.

So instead of troubling yourself with multiple reloads every time, you should check out his new work! When you load a saved game, some perk effects may be applied twice on nearby actors, making them too powerful. This is a engine problem and affects the vanilla game too, but given Requiem's emphasis on perks and their great potency, particular in the magic department, this issue becomes much more severe than in the base game. Here are a couple of videos that show how you can reproduce the bug. The first is based on an unmodded vanilla Bandit while the second is based on a Warlock using a Requiem-style modded destruction perk.

Will there be a Requiem for the SE

(Watch these on YouTube directly to see the annotations. High-level bandits one-shot you. You get the idea. Given the seriousness of this issue, we have decided that we will release another version of the 1. X series to address this issue as best as we can.

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A reminder to reload your game a 2nd time. This is very safe to use and seems to be effective. T o help you remember, the next release of Requiem will display a reminder message. Once you've learned to adopt this excellent habit, or if you just prefer to die painfully, you'll be able to switch the message off in the MCM. Hold down the Left Shift key while loading your game. Requiem will switch to an alternative reloading mechanism that effectively purges your current cell and fixes the problem. However, this causes any nearby NPCs to lose their applied magic effects, so animated zombies will turn to dust, enemy mages will have to recast their magic armor, etc.

Always effective, but unfair to your enemies when used during combat. Do nothing and reload your game normally. Considering that the bug only affects loaded NPCs, any saves made in safe locations such as cities are not affected by the bug.

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Unfortunately, this seems to be an engine bug, so we're still looking for more effective ways to work around it. But Perfect is often the worst enemy of Good, so we're announcing this now. Quickloads and the automatic reload on player death (which is disabled by default in Requiem) will not work to solve this issue. A manual load from the game menu is required. You do not need to quit to the main menu.

In more positive news, "Rise of the Chaos Wizards" will of course contain a few other things besides a fix for this dreaded bug. We are proud to announce that most of the changes made by Minor Arcana will be integrated into the base mod. And MaGlas has also prepared some fancy tools for you to defend yourself against those evil Chaos Wizards. Stay tuned for more, and keep an eye out for frostbite spiders! Well, anything else with a perk. We have to deploy a small, but urgent hotfix for Requiem 1.

As Rattledagger found out, our new killcam-restrictions can break a few scripted scenes involving dragons devouring NPCs. These may range from cosmetic annoyances to breaking the main quest. The fix removes NPC protection from dragon killmoves leaving killmoves executed by humanoids unchanged. Additionally, Talos will no longer refuse his blessing if you finish the Paarthurnax quest without killing Paarthurnax. This is possible if you're using mods such as Paarthurnax Bypass or Dilemma.