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You can open it in trial mode to download the factory pack. FM 147,198 views ·- 24:09 ·- How.

When adding a new device to a previously selected pad, the added device will now always be selected. Live would crash when converting a Clip to Simpler, if the device default for Dropping Samples on Device View consisted of a Simpler instance inside an Instrument Rack. When loading a sample from the browser, Simpler's "Mode" would be displayed as "Classic" on Push 2, regardless of the default for "Dropping Samples on Device View".

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When converting between Simpler and Sampler, Push 2 would lose device selection. Under certain conditions, the waveform in Simpler flickered on display when zooming in on longer samples. When zoomed out on a long sample, it is now possible to see an indication of the existing slices on the Push 2 display. Under certain circumstances the Push pads would not reflect the selected slice when using a sliced Simpler.

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Mute and Solo would not work on Push 2 if the currently selected track was outside the Session Ring. When moving a channel towards the left while in 'Mix' mode, its channel meter would stop working on Push2. When renaming a macro inside a Rack, the changes would not be immediately reflected on Push 1 and Push 2's display. Introduced a short delay before showing the tempo/swing message when touching the encoders, to reduce the amount of notifications. Push would keep showing the loop selector in sequencer mode after deleting a Clip. The display could get stuck in User mode on Push 2.

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Additionally, it is now possible to momentarily enter User mode by holding the respective button. The color mapping for Push 2's step sequencers has been improved, to better reflect different velocity ranges.

The Arrow Keys would stop working after switching between note and session mode while using the Push 2 browser. Selecting a scene in Live would cause Clip selection from Push not to work anymore. When hotswapping an instrument, browser selection could disappear when scrolling up/down with the Push 2 arrows. No auto preview was available for the currently selected item when navigating to a list using an encoder. Under certain circumstances pressing 'Add Track' and loading a new device would swap the instrument residing in the currently selected track instead.

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After using 'Collect All and Save', Simpler instances would fail to display a waveform due to the changed file path. Improved waveform rendering when switching through tracks and selecting Drum Pads. When holding the mute/solo button, muted/soloed tracks would display their original color on the display: these now correctly display the muted/soloed state. Previously, Push 2 would only show the left channel for stereo waveforms. As of now, the sum of both channels is shown.

Fixed a few visual inconsistencies for Push 2, where the On/Off icons might be missing for some devices and the Sawtooth waveform orientation was be inverted with respect to the one shown in Live's device choosers. When trying to change the Start/End parameter on an empty Simpler, the parameter would stop updating its state on the Push 1 display even after adding a sample. On Push 1, plugin parameter names would not update correctly anymore if these change dynamically e. When loading a new preset. In addition, Push 2 now also updates such plugin parameter names dynamically.

Push 1 can now utilize custom device banks for Simpler. Dynamic parameter banks are in place for Push 1 as well.

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Parameters that don't have an effect due to some other parameter being disabled will now be hidden. In addition, Simpler, Sampler, Operator and Auto Filter now have the 'Filter Slope' parameter in their banks. Added control for further Simpler parameters on Push 1: Warp mode, Warp On/Off, Voices, Gain. The encoder resolution for Push 1 was significantly different as of Live 9. When compared to previous versions.

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This has now been rectified. Fractions were not shown correctly for Simpler on the Push1 display. Quantized parameters were not displayed correctly on Push1's bar graph. Ableton has updated Live 9 to v9. Which brings more sample slicing options, a new drum layout and on-screen display improvements to Push, Ableton's hardware instrument. Plus you can route audio or MIDI right from the unit, so you can stay in your flow while you switch ins and outs for sampling and resampling.

And if you don't use Push, the new slicing capabilities are now features of all editions of Live 9 – from Lite to Suite.

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New Simpler Slicing modes (Beat, Region, Manual) are now available. As a consequence of the new Simpler features, Live Sets created with this version cannot be opened with previous versions anymore. The beat time of connected apps in a Link session will be aligned when starting Live's playback with Tap Tempo or via Looper. Updated manual, lessons and info text translations. Added support for the Arturia MiniLab MkII control surface.

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In order for the script to function correctly, it is recommended to update the Minilab MkII Firmware to the latest version available. If a dropdown or context menu was open in Live, pressing CMD+Shift+- on a Mac OS would cause Live to crash. The GUI would appear laggy when zooming in audio tracks and moving the zooming hotspot on Windows if the files were being streamed from a hard drive. Fixed a bug that caused Live to crash when opening a context menu in a device chain containing no instruments. Fixed a bug which prevented changing the text color in Drum Rack return chains to white when the chain's color was dark.

Fixed a graphical glitch that occurred when hovering over automation segments drawn on top of a waveform. The glitch was visible in Detail View (in both the Arrangement and Session View), and would only appear in automation segments not covering the full track height. When Live's authorization was not successful, the dialog box could erroneously confirm it as successful. Fixed a bug which prevented auto updates from working on Windows 10. Fixed a bug that caused Live to crash when moving tracks while Push 2 was connected, under certain circumstances.

When selecting a track containing a Simpler which was playing back a sample, the playhead would sometimes not be displayed.

Live would crash if a Drum Rack clip in the last scene was duplicated from Push. Live would crash when importing a greater number of MIDI files to the Arrangement than the amount of available MIDI tracks, if Push 2 was connected. When routing via Push 2, the display process might allocate an unusual amount of memory. Added Control Surface support for Arturia KeyLab Essential. "Lock to Control Surface" would not work with certain Control Surfaces. Читайте инструкцию по установке в текстовых файлах. Уважаемый посетитель, Вы зашли на сайт как незарегистрированный пользователь.

Live 9 Release Notes

Мы рекомендуем Вам либо войти на сайт под своим именем. Секвенсор / виртуальная студия - полноценное студийное программное обеспечение. Suite 9 дает Вам все особенности в. Обучающий видеокурс на русском языке. Версия 1 и 2 Видео-курс, позволит Вам освоить основы создания собственной музыки и диджеинга в. Является версией XL от Ableton Live. Suite предоставляет вам все возможности в Live 8 плюс звук, с принципиально новой. Профессиональное решение для музыкантов и диджеев, которое позволяет создавать музыку, выступать вживую, производить монтаж видео и.

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Added control surface support for Novation Launch Control. Added control surface support for Novation Launchkey Mini.

Ableton Live 9 Suite

Added control surface support for Reloop KeyFadr. Added control surface support for Reloop KeyPad. Max For Live работает на той же лицензии,что и сама программа Ableton Live. Standalone - это отдельная программа и лицензию для нее надо покупать. Convolution Reverb и прочие эффекты содержатся в дополнении MaxforLiveEssentials. Exe для x86 образа или vcredist_x64. Убедитесь,что программа пропатчилась(в окне патча будет написано "Ок").

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На Vista/Win7/Win8 патч надо запускать от администратора. Кликните 2 раза по файлу Authorize. Программа должна запуститься и зарегистрироваться.